Confirmed speakers

Opener: Setting the Stage  Kevin Wells, Missouri

Closer: Thoughts on the future   Matt Wheeler, Illinios

Pablo Ross, Davis – chimeras for human organ production

Arjun Challagulla, Australia - Developing CRISPR/Cas9 transgenes for targeting DNA viruses in chickens

Caitlin Cooper, Australia - delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 components in chickens: STAGE and direct injection

Jon Oatley of WSU – germ cell-less pigs

Yanli Zhang, China – Gene editing using CRISPR in goats: bLG KI and Myostatin KO

Kristin Whitworth, Missouri – PRRSV resistant pigs

Alejo Menchaca, Uraguay – gene editing in sheep

Tatiana Flisikowska, Germany – multi-trait stacking for Xenotransplantation

Anna Wargelius, Norway - gene edited salmon

Brett White, Nebraska - GnRH II Receptor knock-down pigs

Benjamin Schusser, Germany - transgenic chicken models

Scott Nyberg, Mayo Clinic – Pig liver disease transgenic model

Omar Akbari, UC Riverside – Gene drives in mosquitos

Christine Burkard , Roslin – CD163 PRRSV resistant pigs

Jill Weimer, Sanford Research USA - Miniature Swine Models of Rare Diseases

Heiner Niemann, Germany - porcine heart valves from WT and Gal-KO animals for clinical use

Alison Van Eenennaam, Davis – Communicating our science to the general public

John Swart, Exemplar Genetics - commercialization of the technology as a general topic

Karl Clark, Mayo Clinic - Zebrafish- some current work focused on site specific integration of transgenes.