August 13 - 17, 2017
Hosted by UC Davis
(Department of Animal Science)

General Information:
The eleventh Transgenic Animal Research Conference will be held from Sunday, August 13, 2017, through Thursday morning, August 17, 2017. Additionally, there will be a short half-day program sponsored by Recombinetics featuring four distinquished speakers on the morning of Thursday, August 17th that may attended as part of the conference package.  The sessions will be held at the Conference Center at Granlibakken in Tahoe City, California on the north shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Granlibakken is approximately a two hour drive from Davis, and 55 minutes from the Reno Airport. Transportation from Davis and from the Reno airport at fixed times on Sunday August 13th and Thursday August, 17th is included in the cost of registration. Transportation from Reno outside the set times will be provided by Granlibakken at a cost of $98.00 for one person and $49.00 per person (2 or more in the vehicle) one way. This must be booked in advance by Granlibakken staff (1-800-552-4494). You will be informed of the set times for organized transportation when we receive attendees itineraries. Please mark the appropriate box in the registration form informing us if you will need transportation from Davis or Reno (including airline name, flight number, arrival time, and departure time). Lodging at the Conference Center consists of one, two or three bedroom townhouses, and suites comprised of a studio and bedroom. All rooms have private bath, cable tv, and direct-dial telephones. Common area kitchens, fireplaces, dining areas, lofts, and decks or patios are also typical.

This is the 11th international meeting hosted by UC Davis to bring together representatives from the leading laboratories worldwide doing cutting edge work on transgenic research in non-murine animals, including livestock, fish and poultry species. The previous meetings were each attended by up to 160 participants from 12 to16 countries throughout the globe. Each conference, in addition to reviews and papers on transgenic animals, included presentations covering technical developments in areas such as vector design and nuclease-directed gene insertion/gene editing that affect the production of transgenic and gene modified animals. Oral presentations are by invitation, with participants encouraged to contribute poster presentations.

The upcoming conference will again focus on state-of-the-art science in the field of transgenic research, with presentations addressing cutting-edge methodology, technical improvements, and current progress towards producing transgenic animals for biomedical and agricultural applications. The intent of these meetings is to bring together scientists to discuss progress, problems, and potential application of transgenic technology for animal applications. The meeting will consist of 24 to 26  invited presentations and submitted posters. Two afternoons from noon to 4 p.m. and one evening will be free to allow for small group interactions and to take advantage of the great natural beauty and recreational activities in the Lake Tahoe area.

Special Thursday, August 17th morning program:
Global demand for food products from animals is expected to grow significantly as more people enter the economic middle class. Fulfilling the demand represents a tremendous opportunity for the livestock sector but is also a major challenge. Less land for agriculture, less water, climate change and a consumer base that is not familiar with the realities of livestock production are factors that will have a critical impact on where and how livestock production occurs and the products available to the market.

The livestock industry has always depended on genetic improvements to meet production challenges and provide consumers with high quality, affordable products. Advances in genetic technologies are enabling livestock breeders to tackle changing production challenges, improve animal health and welfare, and address consumer concerns about sustainable and humanely raised livestock products.
On the morning of August 17, Recombinetics will present a half-day program highlighting the applications of genetic and genomic technologies in the animal industrties. This half-day program is being held following the 11th Transgenic Animal Research Conference and our attendees are invited to attend and listen to talks from four imminent scientists in the field.

RCI-sponsored Talks on the Future of 21st Century Genomics in Animals
(30 min talks + 15 min Discussions)

1.    Lee Hood – The Role of Animal Genomics in 21st Century Medicine
2.    Jef Boeke – The Role of Genome Writing in 21st Century Genomics

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

3.    George Church – The Role of George Church in 21st Century Animal Genomics
4.    Dana Carroll – Ethics and Regulation of Precision Genomics in Animals

As attendees of TARC 11 you are invited to attend these talks if you are willing to delay your departure times. Lunch is included and we will be providing afternoon shuttles to the Reno airport.