Football Ticket Information

Here is some helpful information when purchasing or renewing your Aggie Football Season Tickets:

Team Aggie Donations are required when purchasing seats in the Team Aggie Area:

A Team Aggie Donation is required if you purchase tickets in the Team Aggie Area.  For questions regarding your Team Aggie Donation, please call Sharon Lynch at 530-757-3146. 

The Team Aggie Area:

The following seats are in the Team Aggie Area:

Sections 121, 122, and 123 are all Team Aggie.  The exceptions to that are rows A, B, and C in those sections. 

Section 120 seats 14 and above.

Section 124 seats 1-13. 

Blue Seats (Box Seats):

The Ticket Office does not specifically carry the pricing for these prime seats.  You must call Scott Brayton in the Athletics' Marketing Department to discuss those seats. His number is 530-752-5858.

Sections used for other purposes:

Section 109 is the Visitor Section - We do not sell Season Tickets in Section 109.

Sections 126 and 127 are used for player/coach/guest complimentary tickets.  Because of this, those sections are reserved General Admission (you get a section seat and then can sit anywhere within that section.)  If all the seats are NOT used, we will sell them on GAMEDAY at the Reserved Price. 

Sections 101 and 102 are General Admission.  For premium games (vs. Cal Poly, Sacramento State, and other designated games) we convert these sections to Reserved Seats.

Section 103 is for Group Sales.  Please contact Ashley at 530-757-3050 to inquire about group purchases.

Sections 104 - 108 are reserved for the Aggie Pack (Student Section) with the band typically setting up in Section 108.

Section 118 is reserved for prospects and a small number of general sales.  We typically release any extra tickets on game day.

North and South End Zones are Lawn Seating!  These tickets entitle you to a spot on the grass berm.  The view is very good, but you may want to be prepared with a blanket as lawn chairs are currently not allowed into Aggie Stadium.

Single Game Tickets:

When single game tickets go on sale, it is a great idea to purchase them in advance.  Game day lines can be long and you can avoid this by getting your tickets earlier.  We have not set an on sale date for single game tickets just yet, but will post that as soon as we have more definitive information.